Other Books

Other Books

otherbooks_operaAt the Opera: Tales of the Great Operas

(Chronicle Books, 2003, illustrated by Peter Malone).

“As the lights dim and the curtain rises, opera transports us to a world of extravagant passions and passionate extravagance. Capturing these sublime moments, At the Opera presents the stories of the world’s most renowned operas, accompanied by lush and luminous illustrations that glow with theatrical charm. From Mozart’s sunny Marriage of Figaro to Puccini’s moon goddess Turandot, the plots and counterplots that riddle the great operas are told with zest and simplicity in a volume as opulent as its subject. At the Opera is a front-row seat to your favorite, or soon-to-be-favorite, operas.”

otherbooks_urbanlegendsThe Completely and Totally True Book of Urban Legends

(Running Press, 2001, illustrated by Mark Ulriksen).

“Well? Is it true? Are there rats in the fried chicken? Dogs in the microwave? Kidney-nappers waiting by the roadside? Should we worry about the bell-boy’s revenge? Car manufacturers? Cruise control? E-mail?

Are you nuts? Of course we should worry! It’s all true! Disaster lurks in every corner and only unyielding vigilance will keep it at bay! Get to reading. You’ll find the legends you love, the legends you laugh at, and maybe even the legends you always thought really happened to your next-door neighbor’s cousin.”

otherbooks_divinationThe Book of Divination

(Chronicle Books, 1999).

The Book of Divinationdelves into the great divinatory practices of the Western world—from astrology and tarot to tasseomancy (tea-leaf reading) and haruspicy (divination by inspecting goat entrails). Author Ann Fiery recounts the often remarkable histories of these occult systems and explains how they work. Brimming with fabulous illustrations from ancient texts and little-known art collections,The Book of Divination captures the essential secrets of these esoteric practices for the modern-day seeker.”