• Norma Massier says:

    Hilarious carpet montage. My husband once took a photog class from a woman who took snapshots of the pavement as she drove from fro Oregon to Arizona….she was a very good photographer. Just wanted to let you know that a children’s librarian sent me a ton of books by YOU that her kids wanted for their library in Pendleton, Oregon……I get to read them before I send them on and though I am not the right demographic ( i.e. I am 67) I thoroughly enjoyed Ivy and Bean Take The Case……I can see why this series is such a hit…keep writing, your admirers are waiting.

  • You sound like Bean with all these photos of airport carpets!! BUT– I act more like the real-life Bean!

  • Mary says:

    I love the linoleum

  • David McAneny says:

    Quick! To Portland before they tear the old carpet up.
    Then to Oakland for the fabu terrazzo.

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