The Pancake Court Museum

The Pancake Court Museum


Hi, I’m Ivy.

And I’m Bean.

Bean and I have decided to make our own museum. It’s going to be called The Pancake Court Museum, and it’s going to be in my basement because my basement is pretty empty and hers is full of stuff. The reason why we need to make a museum is that we have lots of interesting souvenirs and leftovers that are too big to paste in a scrapbook. Bean doesn’t have a scrapbook anyway. For instance, fossils. I had four, but now I have three (you can find out why I only have three if you read the book called Ivy + Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go). They’re too lumpy to put in a scrapbook, and besides, people might want to look at them because they’re interesting. And Bean has a sock she thinks might have belonged to Abraham Lincoln. That’s pretty valuable, so we’re going to keep it inside a special box and you’ll have to pay extra to see it.

You’ll only have to pay a little extra, like a nickel. The whole museum only costs a quarter, and there’s an activity part where you can do art and puppet shows, too. So it’s a pretty good deal. My arrowhead is going to be in it. Also the dress I wore when I was a flower girl. It was the first time I had worn a dress in a long time and my mom said we should call the newspaper. So that’s worth putting in a museum.

ib_pancake_vacuumThey put dresses in museums all the time. We’re also going to show some potions. Plus Bean’s fake dollar that looks real. We’re going to have a disaster part of the museum, too. That’s where we’ll put disastrous things.

Like the stinger of the bee that stung me. And the tick that my mom pulled out of my head. And the empty bottle of that medicine that makes you throw up when you swallow poison, which it turned out I didn’t.

I’m going to put my tonsils in, too. Also the picture of how the vacuum cleaner looked a couple of weeks after we vacuumed up that tuna salad.

Should we include the thing that fell out of the car when we washed it?

It didn’t fall out. You pulled it out.

ib_pancake_jarThis is going to be a great museum. We’re going to change the shows, too, and put in new things sometimes.

So if there’s anything you want to see, tell us, and we’ll put it in.