Magic in the Mix Release

This week—on September 16, to be exact—my new book, Magic in the Mix, is being published. Hooray! It’s about time! No, it really is about time. It’s a fabulous book; plus, it’s cute:


In celebration of its publication, I am going on tour, visiting fine bookstores and schools across our great nation. If you want to find out where I’m appearing, you can look at my events page, right here.  I’ve decided to document my tour with long blog posts about my feelings and everything I think about books and children’s literature and American publishing.

Just kidding! I would never do that! (Had you going there for a minute, though, didn’t I?)

Really, I’m going to document my tour with pictures of the carpets in the airports I pass through. Why? Because I think they’re funny. They’re so ugly! They’re so unbelievably ugly that you have to ask yourself Who chose this thing? And why? Obviously, an airport carpet gets a lot of wear, a lot of people spilling on it, sleeping on it, and doing other disgusting things on it. It has to disguise these gross elements, but it also has to project a soothing-yet-not-so-soothing-you-don’t-catch-your-plane look. It’s a design conundrum, and I plan to investigate it in the coming weeks.

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  • Cadence Steelman says:

    I love your books.I think you should write more books with mystery.Like about the undead maybe.But it’s your choice your the author.I hope you can Email me some time.

    Your’s Sincerly
    Cadence S.

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